A downloadable asset pack

This is an assets pack. It includes the following:

  • 3 Mech Walkers with attack, run, idle, and death animations.
  • An assortment of particle effects including explosions, projectiles, hit and firing effects.
  • A pilot and 5 scientist sprites with idle animations, useful for a short cutscene.
  • A few simple interior base tiles.
  • Metal frame UI.

I may update the assets if there's any interest. Feel free to use them however you'd like, and I'd love to see your project using them.

I made a short demo game using the assets if you want to see them in action:




Mech Assets.zip 17 kB


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This looks great, if you have the free time and would like to expand upon this and create a game with it let me know because i love the style but would need alot more sprites to create a full game with it. in the mean time ill going to use it as some prototype are for a pvp sidescroller im working on