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What lies under the fallen snow?

Find upgrades and use them to explore the mysterious snow caves beneath the mountain. Discover what is causing the powerful earthquakes in your world.


Programming and Design by Tim Minkov

Art by Jack Pressnell (SomeFarang)

Sound and Music by STORMFATH3R


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BeneathTheFallenSnow.zip 41 MB
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I got stuck!!!

Really enjoyed the game. Worthy winner of the jam. Also really liked that there was a map, controller support and saving! The movement and game-play is super smooth.

Sometimes the level appears very empty and sparse when you walk around for minutes without encountering any real challenge. Then things can become unforgiving :)

Keep up the good work!

I always save my favorite games for the end of the week, but this one was a struggle. I had so much fun with this. There ARE only two endings, right?

Only two endings! Nice work!

Fun game!

Only issue is the first time I die it puts the mouse center screen. :s

You can use f8 to toggle the cursor :)

awesome thanks! :D

Good game.
only got ending A so far (the most obvious one).
cant find other ones as the only remaining path all require me to be able to use more than 1 boost when airborn.
which I cant find any upgrade for :-(

You should definitely be able to use a combination of all the upgrades (including slide) to get to the required areas! Can you post a screenshot of where you can't reach things?

the only upgrades are slide and boost, aren't they?

oh just realized after looking at the controls that grapple is a thing.
why would you make it a mouse only thing?
I also can really remember when I got it.
must have completely missed it.

now I'll just try the weird part, if I can do them now.

That's why the controls are rebindable! I prefer gamepad over everything :P

(1 edit)

okay, got a bunch of key cards. there's still areas left.
here's how my current map looks like and especially some kind of exit area that i cant enter:

so the most bottom area is obviously blocked (even though i havent been down there again so i dont know if the keycards I collected changed anything).
and the above mentioned exit area.

aside from that it's jsut one or 2 corner that I havent visited yet.

Edit: Oh and what I wanted to say since the very beginning:
what is really annoying is that when you are in midair and free, not pressing any direction, boost does a simple jump .
but when you are in the same situation but next to a wall, in most cases the jump just doesnt happen.
maybe a thing with collision detection?
cause it sucks to get jnext to a wall, just needing one simple airjump o get the needed height. and then boost fails and you fall to your death.


There's a room at your bottom right-ish that's missing a square to the top right. Go to that square, you should be able to continue. I think you're just missing one key card now.
And yeah, the boost collision is a little finicky around walls. Best I could do in a short gamejam timeframe :(

I don't blame you.
given that it was created during a gamejam it's a surprisingly big game :-)

just got ending B and finished the game.

was a really good game, enjoyed it! :-)

(1 edit)

well, started the game, pressed enter on the very first menu screen. game froze.
repeated many times, always the same.

well where is my bin again?

Edit: nevermind, it just takes long to load while appearing stuck at the menu (movement between menu points aint possible anymore)

got myself stuck inside the gravity cuírcles .-D


That happens :P

Well, I didn't figure out the basic controls. The controller mapping doesn't work at all (right shoulder button doesn't have any effect) and the keyboard controls are scattered around the keyboard without any clue which key to use in-game... sad, it looks interesting.

You should be able to rebind all your keys in the menu! Should be the pause button or escape, then options -> input.

Settings do not work at all. (prefer to play in windowed mode to reduce workload on graphics-card.)

Weird - Even after hitting the full screen toggle and clicking apply? What platform if you don't mind me asking?

Full screen toggle doesn't respond to anything,
Neither does resolution.

running on win 7

Ah, too bad. Must be bugged. You can try passing the executable arguments to change the resolution, but I don't have another solution unfortunately.

Hey Guys i make a Gameplay Video of the Game (german) have a look. Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein Leute.

Good work for the jam. Found probably the most lethal ending but... sometimes that happens. :)

I guess i'll be the first to comment haha. Really cool game guys! Loved the dynamics and what a great choice of title haha. Keep it up!

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