A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Clear a path for your beanstalk to grow up to the clouds! Fall off the screen and you will not be able to recover! 


ASDW / Control Keys = Movement and Jumping

Space Bar = Strike (destroys platform and / or kills fly)

Shift = Run! Useful for not falling and dying.

Game Mechanics & Advice

1. Your hoe can destroy multiple platforms and enemies at once. Keep this in mind when you hold space when making a big leap of faith.

2. Do not get discouraged by the grade you get after your first 5 game overs. It only takes one push to easily get over 500 points.

3. Comment your high scores here!

4. Scissors Item: Slows down the rate that the platforms spawn at. This could be good or bad, depending on how annoying the platforms are and at what point of the level you are at.

5. Water Bucket Item: Slows down the speed the camera and beanstalk rises at. You will love getting this item.

6. Once you start seeing leaves falling down on the screen, the real portion of the game starts...! Good luck!

7. Blue Fly: Moves horizontally and is worth 8 points per kill.

8. Red Fly: Moves vertically and is worth 12 points per kill.

9. Platform: Each platform is worth 5 points per one destroyed.

10. Smart Random Algorithm: The random platform generation follows a couple of rules established in the code, so over 90%+ of the times you play, they should spawn in fair rates and reasonably reachable locations. Good luck!


Programming by Julian Rice (GoombaJMR)

Art by Jack Pressnell (SomeFarang)

Music by amenemone



Beanstalk 1.0 (Windows) 16 MB
Beanstalk 1.0 (Mac) 5 MB

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